This is NOT Goodbye!

This is the passing of the newsletter to the new newsletter Editor/Publisher John Pryzbylek. Jan and I have enjoyed doing the newsletter for almost the last 18 years and 100+ rallies. Jan played an important part as she did the final proofread before going to press. Even with spell check some times she would point and ask if it was correct. We had a great printer/mailer ( QRP ) over the years that provided the services we used.

In the Oct 1999 rally on the Rifle River, a club member to ask if I would consider taking over the newsletter from the Worth’s approached me. I said yes and thought that I would do it for 3 or 4 years and here it is November 2017 and I am finally passing along the newsletter to the next person. Except for the summer of 2004 when I had bypass surgery and I had to ask if someone could take over while I recuperated and return to health and Bill Helmore stepped up to do a number of the 2004 newsletters.

Thru the years the newsletter was upgraded in style, design and added color. We added a website with Walt Halley as first Webmaster and upgraded the website to what it is today with Byron Songer as the Webmaster. For those of you that now get your Newsletter and club information Electronically I hope it has met your needs.

I know the president message was tough to drag out of some of the presidents but I hope that you enjoyed their messages each month.

I wish to thank all the individuals over the years that provided the articles and information for the newsletter and website. I always said that I did not write the newsletter I only edited and published your thoughts and ideas.

Jan and I will still be attending the club rallies and look forward to being with all our friends and meeting new GMC owners. It has been our pleasure to provide this service to the club all these years!

John & Jan Wright